Vertical Market Software Acquisition is a Global Game

Like the World Cup, the acquisition of Vertical Market software companies is a global game.

As the world comes together for the World Cup in Qatar, we are reminded of a famous quote by Brazilian international football superstar Pele that reads: “The beautiful game is more than a sport. It is a passion…” That is exactly how we feel about our software businesses.

Our team of entrepreneurs has grown across the globe, and together we strive to become the best vertical market software investment company in the world.

In addition to supporting our customers with the mission-critical solutions of our businesses, we are passionate about fostering a sense of community. As the World Cup is the biggest prize in soccer, it brings together athletes from all over the world to compete for a common goal: to excel. Similarly, we are bringing together software companies to transform them into industry leaders.

We aim to be relevant and long-lasting businesses, even after 10, 20, and 30 years, while maintaining steady growth. As entrepreneurs, we understand that it is extremely challenging. However, like on the pitch, no successful venture is done alone.

Getting ahead is a team effort.

Our Vast Network of Global Companies Can Help You

We have a global presence of over 60 companies worldwide. We are in 12+ countries, three continents across 20+ industries.

Companies that wish to grow rapidly should consider partnering with us sharing knowledge. Through our resources, best practices, benchmarking, business intelligence, experience, and wealth of data, we can help vertical software companies achieve operational excellence. Add this to our vast network of entrepreneurs around the globe, which provides a deep pool of expertise and opportunity, we can be relied on to ensure limitless opportunities for growth.

Discover all our companies.

You can benefit from our global network in the following ways:

Share and test marketing efforts across businesses in similar industries.

Dedicated Advisory Board to define innovative and customized opportunities for growth.

Develop new software solutions within the same industry to expand your customer base.

Provide your employees with an opportunity to develop their talent and expand globally

Crucial knowledge sharing for rapid growth in today’s competitive markets.

Participate in our Leadership Summit twice a year.

Keeping your software company relevant and growing after, and keeping your legacy alive.

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