About Valsoft

Valsoft’s focus is to acquire and grow vertical software businesses that provide mission-critical solutions in their respective niche or market. Our goal is to provide great software and related technology services to an ever-expanding consumer base.

When we acquire companies, we do not take over the day-to-day management; instead, we work with the existing management and employees. We help establish benchmarks against other businesses within Valsoft, provide coaching and formal management training, capital allocation processes, and other programs to improve earnings and generate organic growth. For owners who desire a complete exit and to move on completely, Valsoft offers a permanent home for these businesses.

Our History

In June 2011, a group of Montreal based technology entrepreneurs founded the Valsef Group with the goal of building a world class conglomerate of knowledge based businesses. In the first two years, Valsef Group was focused on buying leading publicly-traded, knowledge-based businesses.

In 2012, Valsef Group created a majority owned subsidiary Valnet Inc. Valnet owns and operates online properties and in the past 4 years has made a series of strategic acquisitions. Its portfolio includes content based leading websites as well as some of the largest Youtube channels. Valnet has grown to become a top 5 global web publisher.


  • Their legacy is important to them
  • We will help you grow your business – what does this mean for you – you can focus your time and energy running your business than operating it
  • We are entrepreneurs – we believe that sellers can relate to Valsoft – building a business is not easy. People only see the success, but they do not see the failures or sacrifices you’ve made to get here, like time away from home and family, continuous self-improvement, financial risks and stress.
  • We know what it takes to recruit the right people and empower them for greatness.

Why partner with us?

Unlike private equity and venture capital firms, we look to buy companies and hold them forever. That is correct, we do not sell companies. We go into partnership with the existing management team. We appreciate the hard-work and tenacity required to build a business and prioritize the wellness of the company, its customers and employees over short-term objectives.

We see our company as an extension of ourselves and we take extreme pride in serving our customers well, providing opportunities and a great work environment to our employees.

Our Team

Valsoft is headquartered in Canada, however we use a decentralized management approach. We leave the offices running as is, where they currently are. We realize our people are our greatest assets and we strive to provide our teams with a fantastic working environment and enriching careers, which we know will ultimately translate into world class service to our valued clients.

Our Vision and Logo

Where good companies can become great

Companies that join Valsoft have access to our resources, analytics, guidance, and our capital. We understand that being the leader of any business is a challenge (albeit a rewarding one). Our culture is designed to help CEOs take their career to the next level. We want these legacies of innovation to last for the next 40 years and believe that by joining Valsoft, leaders not only expand their opportunities, they’ll enjoy a more rewarding quality of life too.

Each triangle in our logo represents one of our software companies. When all our software companies are united and come together in our knowledge sharing environment, each software business is stronger.

Valsoft has a long term view of operating its businesses (to be exact, our management has a 40 year business plan for Valsoft).

Our Montreal Headquarters

Software for Life Policy

As with any good investment, your software should continue to grow, meeting the ever changing needs of your business. It should remain dynamic and protected against time.

Our Software for Life Policy is our commitment to investing heavily in our offerings to ensure you and your business always have the products and services you need to succeed. With Software for Life our goal is to ensure our clients can rest at night knowing that the enterprise software aspects of their businesses are 100% covered, forever.