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Established in Canada in 2015, Valsoft acquires and develops vertical market software companies, enabling each business to deliver the best mission-critical solutions for customers in their respective industries or niche. A key tenet of Valsoft’s philosophy is to invest in well-established businesses and foster an entrepreneurial environment that molds companies into leaders in their respective industries. Valsoft looks to buy, hold and create value through long-term partnerships with existing management.

Valsoft acquires and develops vertical market software companies

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Why should you choose Valsoft?


Valsoft’s management system is decentralized. Newly acquired businesses continue to operate as they did before but with additional support and expertise from our network. Aspire Software, the operational arm of Valsoft Corp, operates and manages Valsoft’s global portfolio of wholly owned software companies, providing mission-critical solutions across multiple verticals.

Aspire Software
By implementing industry best practices, Aspire delivers a time sensitive integration process, and the operation of a decentralized model has allowed it to become a hub for creating rapid growth by reinvesting in its portfolio.


Sellers can relate to us because we are entrepreneurs – building a business isn’t easy. We understand all the failures or sacrifices you’ve made to get to where you are, such as time away from family, continuous self-improvement, financial risks, and stress.



We know what it takes to recruit the right people and empower them for greatness. The people we employ are our biggest asset, and we try to provide a rewarding work environment and enriching career path to guarantee the personal and professional growth that leads to success for all of us.

Our History

In the beginning…

The Valsef Group was founded in 2011 by a group of Montréal-based technology entrepreneurs with the goal of creating a world-class conglomerate of knowledge-driven businesses. The Valsef Group’s initial focus for the first two years was buying publicly traded, knowledge-based companies.

In 2012, Valsef Group established a majority-owned subsidiary, Valnet Inc. The company owns and operates online properties and has made a series of strategic acquisitions over the past four years. Its portfolio includes some of the largest YouTube channels as well as leading content-based websites. Valnet has grown to become one of the top five global web publishers.

In 2016, Valsoft was born…

Valsoft History

Awards and Recognition

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Why partner with us?

Unlike private equity and venture capital firms, we want to buy and retain companies indefinitely. That’s right; we don’t sell businesses. We form a strategic alliance with the existing management team. We recognize the dedication and perseverance required to create a firm and place a premium on the company’s, customers’ and workers’ well-being over short-term goals.

We consider our company to be an extension of ourselves, and we take great satisfaction in delivering excellent service to our customers as well as possibilities and a positive work environment for our staff.

Valsoft’s Montréal Headquarters

Offer employees the opportunity to thrive in a dynamic work environment with people from all over the world. Every day, we strive to create an inclusive atmosphere that fosters collaboration, leadership and growth for everyone.

Software for Life Policy

Your software, like any good investment, should continue to evolve to meet the ever-changing needs of your company. It should be lively and resistant to the passage of time.

Our Software for Life Policy demonstrates our commitment to investing extensively in our offerings to ensure that you and your company have access to the goods and services you require at all times. Our goal with Software for Life is to ensure that our clients can sleep soundly at night, knowing that their corporate software needs are completely covered, forever.

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