Valsoft rallys for Sainte-Justine Hospital, donating $29,000 to the Foundation

One of Valsoft’s core values is putting people first.

We champion success for everyone we deal with, and as we continue to grow, we aim to do the same for our community as well.

That’s why we are proud to have taken part in the Saint-Justine Challenge at Victoria Square on Wednesday, October 5, raising money for the Sainte-Justine Children’s Hospital.

In just under two weeks, Valsofters stepped up to create 7 teams of four contributors to take part in both mental and physical challenges. With monies raised alongside Valsoft’s sponsorship of the event, we were able to donate over $29,000 to the Sainte-Justine Foundation, which provides children and mothers with the highest levels of health care in the world.

The Valsoft Finance team led the way, raising $2,950 for the cause! Congratulations to Nimesh Patel, Amanda Carlone, Alexis Auger, and Monica Lau.

We also had the honor of meeting this year’s Sainte-Justine ambassador, Victor, and his incredible mother, whose resilience and courage inspired us all. Read more about Victor and his story here.

Thanks once again to all those who participated….see you again next year?


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