Valsoft 2022 Year in Review: Record-Breaking Acquisitions and Diversification in Software Businesses

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2022 was another record-breaking year for Valsoft

2022 was another record-setting year for Valsoft, as 24 companies entrusted Valsoft as the acquirer for their businesses. Our efficient process, innovative approach to business growth, and high-performing company culture continue to cement Valsoft’s place as an investment leader in vertical market software businesses.

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand the challenges of building and maintaining a successful company. Our goal is to help preserve the legacy of those owners who join the Valsoft family.

2022 in numbers

  • 24 total acquisitions
  • 15 acquisitions in Europe and the UK, including our first company in Italy and France
  • 14 acquisitions were in new verticals and 10 in existing ones
  • We have added nine new verticals to our network
  • First acquisitions in France and Italy
  • Acquisition of Euroform and MPS Monitor, two leading developers and providers of Managed Print Services SaaS solutions for the print industry.
  • Two new companies in new vertical Energy, including Inatech in India and Azility in Australia.

Valsoft also added companies in Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands, Spain, and the United States. These acquisitions allowed the company to tap into new markets and provide software solutions to a wider range of customers.

Overall, Valsoft’s acquisition strategy in 2022 grew the business significantly and diversify its offerings, while providing these new additions with the resources, synergies, best-practices and support they needed to thrive.


Broadcast & Media Entertainment

Car Rental

Club Management


Correspondence Management


Managed Print Services


Print & Publishing

Process and Manufacturing

Retail POS

Service & Repair Management

Internal growth and recognition

In addition to its acquisitions and internal growth, Valsoft also received numerous awards and accolades in 2022, including

Valstone: Industrial Software Solutions

Valsoft also made headlines with the creation of Valstone, a spinoff of six companies with the goal of providing comprehensive software and technology solutions across the industrial vertical.

Giving Back: Valsef Dream Big Foundation

The company and its sister entities also launched the Valsef Dream Big Foundation, which will collect and distribute 1% of the partner companies’ annual profits to educational and philanthropic causes.

Overall, 2022 was an extraordinarily successful year for Valsoft, and the company is well-positioned to continue delivering innovative software solutions and driving growth in the future.

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