From Business Owner to Portfolio Manager: Unlocking Growth

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Kent Howard recently shared his journey transitioning from President of InnQuest, one of Valsoft’s first acquisitions to the role of a Portfolio Manager at Valsoft. “At Valsoft there are no ceilings in how far you can go – growth opportunities are limitless.”

In his current role, Kent’s focus extends beyond individual businesses. He oversees a portfolio of companies across different verticals managing capital allocation, driving growth and innovation.

When asked for his advice for business owners considering selling to Valsoft?

Valsoft isn’t looking to acquire your business, fix it up to turn around and sell it. Valsoft is a new home for your business. We also want to operate the business to your wishes, including how you want to exit and what is key for your employees and client base. It’s a great place to move your legacy where there is a lot of growth potential.

In this inspiring narrative, Kent discusses the impactful experiences and opportunities he’s encountered within the company, emphasizing the growth, challenges, and rewards that have shaped his career. 

Watch the full video here

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