Achieving Velocity: One Year Post Acquisition, Vocantas Redefines Customer Engagement and Growth

one year post-acquisition vocantas

Vocantas, with its global expertise in workforce management and communications systems, joined Valsoft in 2021. Their extensive experience in solving complex human capital management and customer outreach issues streamlines processes, reduce costs, and optimizes inefficient workflows. Shortly after the acquisition, Valsoft helped identify areas for improvement to better serve customers.

Key areas for enhancement included streamlining the slow implementation process (90-120 days) and improving quality assurance and customer service. By ‘industrializing the process’ and analyzing customer needs, Vocantas aimed to expedite setup, revise agreements, and develop account plans for improved market penetration.

“That first year we focused on growing our existing customers, providing excellent customer service, what I like to call ‘delighting our customers’, upselling, and giving the value customers need,” explains John Mitropoulos, President at Vocantas.

Vocantas’ focus on customer satisfaction and growth helped recognize healthcare as a strategic target due to its enthusiastic adoption of software modules. Not only were they buying all the software modules, but they were expanding their accounts every year, versus other clients who use only 1-2 modules. It was clear that Healthcare is where Vocantas needed to focus for growth.

“The healthcare industry really sees the benefit of what we offer,” John says. “They appreciate and use features like automations to help facilitate numerous collective bargaining agreements of different unions working within one healthcare ecosystem or hospital.”

During the automation process, underpricing was identified, and they also began to shift customers to a subscription model, driving recurring revenue, enabling elevated levels of support, and facilitating upselling opportunities.

Gaining Momentum

These strategic shifts yielded rapid results, reducing implementation timeline from 90-120 days to around 2 weeks, accelerating revenue recognition, and fostering continued growth.

Internal marketing initiatives, such as transparent communication and collective strategy planning, fueled momentum and alignment within the team.

Since acquisition, Vocantas captured 70% of the addressable healthcare market in Canada and embarked on global expansion. With plans for full cloud integration, Vocantas is poised for continued success on the international stage. 

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