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Public Safety

Founded in 1982, Innovative specializes in developing and managing incident management software for private and public alarm receiving centres and alarm monitoring stations. Today, Innovative is a leading provider of integrated incident management solutions in the Nordic countries. Through vigorous and continuous investment into the technology and product suite, Innovative Security Manager (ISM) boasts modules and features related, but not limited to, Alarm Handing & Incident Management, Task & Resource Management, Mapping, Video & Floorplans and a number of integration & interfaces.

Innovative’s customer-focused and technology-driven mindset has greatly contributed to a proven track record within the security management solutions space. Today, ISM is utilized by alarm receiving centers/monitoring stations, public safety answering points (PSAP, 1-1-2), law enforcement, fire departments, public emergency management agencies, airports and industrial facilities. In the last three decades, the company has accumulated marquee clients such as The National Police of Denmark and more recently, Copenhagen Airport, into its already comprehensive customer base.

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