Valsoft’s Successful Investment Strategy: Valsoft sits down with How2Exit podcast

Valsoft’s Successful Investment Strategy Valsoft sits down with How2Exit podcast

Valsoft Investment Partner, Costa Tagalakis, sat down with Ronald Skelton of How to Exit podcast to discuss the company’s winning acquisition strategy that has led to the successful acquisition of over 90 software companies.

In the podcast (Episode 188), Costa reveals how Valsoft’s focus on founder-operated businesses with a high percentage of recurring revenue and strong customer retention, coupled with a deep understanding of the software industry has led to the successful integration and operation of its acquired businesses.

“Many of the companies we have acquired are founder operated businesses. The company is their life’s work. They don’t just care about making money, they care about taking care of their employees and customers. They like that we understand them, and we are going to invest in the company long term, in new initiatives and ideas that will benefit the business.”

Throughout the podcast, Costa shares Valsoft’s acquiring criteria, the importance of due diligence, and the company’s approach for global expansion.

“Since I have been with Valsoft, the company has been gaining momentum and scaling up to grow and invest in our M&A team, while continuing to invest in value-added processes and playbooks to facilitate roll outs and help us continue to grow.”

Watch the full interview here.

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