Valsoft Strengthens Workforce Management Portfolio with Acquisition of Vocantas

Valsoft Acquisition of Vocantas

Valsoft Corporation Inc.
October 26, 10:00 AM ET

MONTREAL, October 26, 2021 – Valsoft Corporation Inc. (“Valsoft”), a Canadian leader in the acquisition and operation of vertical market software businesses, is pleased to announce the acquisition of Vocantas Inc. (“Vocantas”), an industry leader in complex shift management.

For over 20 years, Vocantas has supported thousands of employees worldwide, assisting in filling close to 5,000,000 shifts due to its leading workforce communications platform.

Their flagship product, Communicate, simplifies shift management and employee scheduling processes with Smart Automation. Their modules easily connect staff members to their employers and provide all the necessary tools needed to automatically fill shifts, plan future shifts, report employee absenteeism, broadcast notifications, and plan employee vacations.

“As I looked ahead to retirement, I sought out a company that would carry on the commitment of customer focus that my team has developed for more than 21 years. It was key that the company selected to carry on Vocantas and Pronexus would be a culture and integrity fit for both teams and for our valued customers and partners,” stated Gary T. Hannah, Vocantas’ founder and former President & CEO. “We specifically looked for an organization that had an existing global presence in our space and Valsoft fit the bill in every aspect to continue the success and growth of the companies.”

With this latest acquisition, Aspire Software (a division of Valsoft) now manages three companies in the workforce management industry, along with Softbrick and Manus. With that, Vocantas can leverage Aspire’s exiting presence in the space to strengthen its presence in the North American market and expand globally. The Vocantas management team will stay on board to maintain its stellar reputation as the company grows.

“We are ecstatic to continue our expansion in the workforce management space with the market leader in complex shift management,” said Michael Assi, CEO of Aspire Software. “We, alongside the world-class management team currently in place at the business, will carry on Vocantas’ legacy in serving our customers as a long-term partner, enabling them with the best technology and exceed their expectations in product and services quality.”

In addition to the Vocantas acquisition, Valsoft has also acquired Pronexus Inc. (Pronexus), a long-standing technology provider of Interactive Voice Response to customers globally.

About Vocantas Inc.: Since 2003, Vocantas Inc. simplifies complex shift management and employee scheduling processes. It combines human intelligence with proprietary smart automation tools to assist schedulers with shift planning, while also providing them with the ability to quickly react to any staffing challenge.

About Pronexus Inc.: Since 1994, Pronexus Inc. produces voice application and Interactive Voice Response tools that developers use to integrate voice/speech technology with business systems.

About Valsoft Corporation: Established in 2015, Valsoft acquires and develops vertical market software companies, enabling each business to deliver the best mission-critical solutions for customers in their respective industries or niche. A key tenet of Valsoft’s philosophy is to invest in well-established businesses and foster an entrepreneurial environment that molds companies into leaders in their respective industries. Valsoft looks to buy, hold, and create value through long-term partnerships with existing management.

About Aspire Software: Buy. Enhance. Grow. Aspire Software, an operating group of Valsoft Corp, is a vertical acquisition software company that owns, operates, and manages a portfolio of companies in various industries. Aspire constantly seeks opportunities in various verticals. Aspire’s team of entrepreneurs and business builders have an unwavering commitment to developing our brands and expanding into new markets. It is all made possible thanks to its decentralized management strategy and indefinite hold period.

Valsoft Corporation was represented internally by David Felicissimo, General Counsel & Jessica Modafferi, Legal Counsel. Vocantas Inc. and Pronexus Inc. were represented by Michael Leaver of Kelly Santini LLP, Ottawa, Canada.

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