2023 Year-End Review

Second Consecutive Year of Record Acquisitions and Vertical Expansion

With over 25 acquisitions in 2023, it’s been another year of growth, partnership, and shared achievements for Valsoft. This remarkable accomplishment is a testament to the dedication, expertise, and unwavering commitment of each and every member of our exceptional team.

Having companies in almost 40 verticals, many of the acquisitions went to strengthen current verticals including Transportation & Logistics, Print & Publishing, Aviation, and Travel & Leisure where we welcomed Seekda and TigerTMS.

Our strategic mergers and acquisitions have not only broadened our current market presence but, has also added eight new verticals including Geographic Information Systems, Supply Chain Management, and Marketing Automation.

The continued growth and accelerated momentum of companies after they join the Valsoft network underscores our strategic foresight and operational synergy.  Our portfolio companies continue to grow and solidify their position as industry leaders like Asteris, in the Animal Health space, which doubled its revenue in the last two years, or Vocantas, in the Workforce Management space, which has grown by 25%, year after year, since acquisition.

We eagerly await 2024 to welcome additional businesses into the Valsoft family, while fostering partnerships with entrepreneurs, advisors, and visionaries.

– Sam Youssef, CEO Valsoft

2023 in numbers

  • 25 total acquisitions in 10 countries
  • 11 acquisitions in North America
  • 14 acquisitions in Europe and Australia, including our first acquisition in Austria
  • Eight new verticals

Industrial ERP

JBL Solutions
September, 2023

Automotive Supply Chain

September, 2023

Process Control

September, 2023

Marketing Automation

September, 2023


August, 2023


Optima Energy Systems UK
August, 2023

Print & Publishing

August, 2023

Digital Ordering System

August, 2023

Geographic Information System

August, 2023

Travel & Leisure

August, 2023

Print & Publishing

August, 2023

Financial Services

Virtual Trader
August, 2023

Local Government

Forms Express - Local Government
Forms Express
July, 2023

Multi Level Marketing

Thatcher-technology-group - Workforce Management
Thatcher Technology Group
July, 2023

Financial Services

E-Finances - Workforce Management
July, 2023

Workforce Management

Wageloch - Workforce Management
July, 2023

Property Management

SDS - Property Management
June, 2023

Transportation & Logistics

BDK logo | Transportation & Logistics
BDK Informatik
May, 2023

Managed Print Services

Nexera Logo Print & Publishing
May, 2023

Transportation & Logistics

DataTrac Logo | Transportation & Logistics
April, 2023

Information Technology

PCR - IT Management
March, 2023

Travel & Leisure

Tiger-TMS | Travel & Leisure
March, 2023

Growth and Recognition

Valsoft continued to receive numerous awards and recognition in 2023, including:

Giving Back: Valsef Dream Big Foundation

Founded in 2022, the Valsef Dream Big Foundation was aligned with Valsef Group co-founders Stephane Manos and Sam Youssef belief in collective responsibility to bring about a positive transformation. Valsoft and sister entities (Valstone, Valnet, and Valsef Capital), contribute 1% of profits to the Foundation to be donated to charitable organizations in the core areas of Youth, Education, Environment, and Health. To date, the Foundation has donated $860,000 to children’s hospitals, youth sports programs, palliative care associations, and various organizations helping people with cancer, critically ill children, the homeless, and more.


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