Operations Vice President

Location: Montreal, Canada
Department: M&A

Valsoft Corporation is looking for an exceptional leader to captain a future acquisition. Valsoft specializes in the acquisition and operation of established and market leading software companies. The role will require significant travel, and temporary relocation for the first year of employment.

The ideal candidate has executive-level experience in the vertical market software industry (operations, business unit leader, sales leader, etc.) and has an understanding of how optimal software businesses work (i.e. value of recurring revenues, different pricing models, etc.).

** This role requires travel to US.

The candidate will handle the following responsibilities:

  • Have full control and responsibility over the P&L of the company.
  • Lead team by providing tools and support to ensure success.
  • Collaborate with senior management to set strategy.
  • Harvest all available revenue opportunities to sell more into our customer base.
  • Work with product and technology teams to develop the product roadmap and ensure the focus is on the right R&D initiatives.
  • Constantly optimize cost structures.
  • Fully manage hiring, training and development of the team.
  • Manage day to day affairs of the business and act as the last point of escalation for all customers and members of the team.
  • Instill a sales culture throughout the organization.
  • Enforce accountability on all levels.
  • Constantly protect and invigorate the brand while maintaining the current level of excellence in customer satisfaction.
  • Create strategic alliances with other companies in the industry.
  • Provide reporting to parent company on the progress and results of the business.

In order to succeed, the candidate must have the following skills and experience:

  • Undergraduate degree required.
  • Experience in the software industry as an executive.
  • High level of comfort with technology.
  • General understanding of financial statements
  • Natural salesmanship in order to establish effective sales practices and processes in the organization.
  • Good interpersonal skills to manage, lead and motivate employees.
  • A “roll up the sleeves” attitude towards problem solving.
  • Goal-oriented with comfort in setting measurable goals for others and him/herself.
  • Extremely ambitious.
  • Comfortable working independently as well as in a team.

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