Nurturing Future Leaders: Valsoft’s Commitment to Internship Programs

As a company dedicated to acquiring and developing vertical market software companies, Valsoft recognizes the significance of investing in both established businesses and the individuals who will shape their future.

Just as we prioritize long-term partnerships with our companies, we believe our greatest asset is our people. We firmly believe that by attracting top talent seeking a long-term home for growth, we will achieve remarkable success as a company. In doing so, our people will flourish and evolve alongside Valsoft.

At the heart of our commitment to talent development lies the Valsoft internship program. We actively seek out potential top performers and partner with organizations that facilitate pathways for diverse talent to enter the mergers and acquisitions industry.

We believe it’s important for companies to hire interns. It provides students with the opportunity to strengthen their skills outside the classroom, better preparing them for the workforce. This leads to a stronger workforce, one that can adapt and ramp up more quickly, making a positive impact in the community. It also allows students to test out different interests, helping them make their choices when deciding where they want to work, reducing the stress and uncertainty that comes with starting their careers.

Intern programs are great for companies too, helping get their name known and building a pipeline of potential employee candidates for the future. Also, there is something special about witnessing the hiring process of an intern, watching them learn and grow, and then seeing them receive a full-time employment offer after completing their internship.

By nurturing future leaders through our internship program, we not only create a more inclusive and dynamic workforce, but also contribute to the collective advancement of the companies and industries we serve.

Don’t take our word for it, hear from some of our interns.

Ali Mcheick, IT Intern

Currently in his third year of Computer Science Engineering at Concordia, Ali Mcheick’s IT internship at Valsoft combined his interest in tech and passion for finance. While at Valsoft he had the opportunity to take part in numerous projects from technology support, cybersecurity, as well as set up and maintenance of various devices. Along with seeing numerous projects from inception to completion, he resolved over 600 tickets in the span of 4 months, each ticket varying between a range of 2 minutes to 5 hours.

When asked what it’s like to work at Valsoft, he said:




“The Valsoft culture fascinates me. The company is full of young employees in a relaxed atmosphere that has allowed me to grow and adapt quickly in a professional setting. The company really prioritizes its employees by supporting their needs. I have gained confidence both personally and professionally.”

Gabriel Dupuis, M&A Intern

After co-founding a small tech company and completing his DESS in finance from HEC, Gabriel Dupuis was looking forward to the practical M&A experience an internship at Valsoft offered. During his time at Valsoft he was part of a dynamic team and gained exposure to all parts of the transaction process. The Investment Partners mentored him, and he thrived within the meritocracy culture that presented opportunities to take initiatives.


“Valsoft exceeded my expectations. I got to work hands-on from start to finish with everything from research, due diligence, or management calls. The ‘Valsoft Way’ shows you how to value a company and what makes a great software company, but interns don’t need to be afraid to add their personal touch and try new things that will bring value. The more you work the more responsibility you earn and that’s how you get exposure to more opportunities and learn more.”

Mayela Lozano, Content Writer Intern

Coming to Canada from Mexico, Mayela Lozano craved new opportunities and a chance to contribute. During her internship she experienced firsthand how Valsoft prioritizes intern growth and makes them feel valued, while offering opportunities to learn and contribute to the company’s success in a meaningful way. Crafting marketing content for some of Valsoft’s acquired companies helped her develop writing skills, gain valuable content marketing experience, and directly contribute to client success.

When asked if Valsoft lived up to her expectations, Mayela had this to say:


“There’s a misconception that interns aren’t given important tasks. Thankfully, the marketing team values my opinions, my work, and entrusts me with exciting projects. It’s been a wonderfully rewarding experience. Every day brings new challenges and the chance to be at the forefront, shaping the industry.”

More than just an Internship – Diana Gamarian, Financial Systems Analyst

Internships aren’t just about earning marks towards graduation. They are a chance to gain practical knowledge that holds the key to long-term career satisfaction and employment. Valsoft aims to allow students to fully dive into the professional world and gain invaluable experience and clarity on their career goals.

This journey of exploration and growth can significantly shape their future. Diana Gamarian, who successfully transitioned from being an intern to a full-time employee at Valsoft, shares her insights.


“My Valsoft internships in finance and IT were more than just a resume booster. Every challenge offered me an opportunity and every project was a learning experience. My internships allowed me to explore different fields, build professional networks, and ultimately find my true passion. Now, as a full-time Financial Systems Analyst at Valsoft, I realize that these internships were pivotal in shaping my career path and helping me become the professional I am today.”

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