July 7, 2023
Wageloch - Workforce Management

Since 2006, the growing team of expert developers build and support Wageloch’s online Rostering, Time & Attendance (RTA) solutions across Australia. Wageloch develops new features, platforms, and offerings to bring customers even more powerful leading accounting integrations and POS integrations, as well as integrated staff management solutions. The client support team helps customers configure staff attendance, rostering, and shift planning. Wageloch works closely with its business partners e.g. Guild Payroll, and Healthy Business Payroll to ensure employees are paid correctly, and on time.

Monaco B.V.

December 22, 2022
Monaco | Workforce Management

Netherlands workforce management software company based in Breda, Netherlands. Since the company’s foundation in 2000, Monaco has developed standard software solutions for workforce management. The development of MONACO Software is characterized by a high level of user benefits, innovation, ease of use and modular capacity to integrate and support third-party software.

Manus Software Europe B.V.

July 18, 2022
Manus Software Europe - Workforce Management

Europe’s favorite solution provider for workforce planning and time management. Famous for integrating flexible and hybrid connectivity solutions into our clients’ diverse workforce management systems. Our solutions are fact-based, data-driven, and always compliant.


October 26, 2021
Vocantas - Workforce Management

Since 2003, Vocantas Inc. simplifies complex shift management and employee scheduling processes. It combines human intelligence with proprietary smart automation tools to assist schedulers with shift planning, while also providing them with the ability to quickly react to any staffing challenge


January 7, 2021
Softbrick - Workforce Management

Softbrick has built a strong reputation of analyzing the specific needs of staff management solutions by demonstrating the ability to help organizations optimize their work processes and permanently improve results.