July 17, 2022
FSM - Public Safety

FSM specializes in providing incident management software for private and public alarm receiving centers and alarm monitoring stations in Finland.

Bold Communications

August 19, 2021
Bold Communications - Public Safety

Bold Communications is one of the UK’s leading alarm monitoring platform providers and for over 30 years has developed alarm communications and management systems for the alarm central station and ARC market. The company supports more UK alarm and CCTV monitoring control rooms than any other supplier and is a recognised leader for security monitoring solutions with its Gemini software platform.

Innovative Business Software

March 17, 2021
Innovative Business Software - Public Safety

Founded in 1982, Innovative specializes in developing and managing incident management software for private and public alarm receiving centres and alarm monitoring stations. Today, Innovative is a leading provider of integrated incident management solutions in the Nordic countries. Through vigorous and continuous investment into the technology and product suite, Innovative Security Manager (ISM) boasts modules and features related, but not limited to, Alarm Handing & Incident Management, Task & Resource Management, Mapping, Video & Floorplans and a number of integration & interfaces.