May 2, 2023
Irosoft - Local Government

Founded in 1995, Irosoft is a technology and services company specializing in the leveraging of structured and unstructured data. It develops tools, algorithms and products based on automatic natural language processing (NLP) techniques that enable its customers to transform simple information into useful and easily exploitable data. Irosoft brings strong value to customers’ data by producing, simplifying, and optimizing it.

Cascade Software

January 3, 2019
Cascade Software Systems - Local Government

Cascade delivers highly segmented and integrated end-to-end solutions designed to manage all facets of local government project cost accounting and operations. Cascade provides solutions for a wide range of local government operations including project costing/billing, fleet maintenance, accounts payable, time tracking, equipment usage, materials inventory and usage, facilities management, and mobile applications to manage workflow and cost tracking. Cascade’s mission is to help local governments manage and operate projects and work on a micro and macro basis with integrated tools which both minimize data entry and maximize accuracy.