March 31, 2020
MacPractice - Dental and Medical Practice Management

Since 2004, Lincoln, Nebraska-based MacPractice has created best-of-class medical, dental and chiropractic software for macOS and iOS. At the heart of the company’s DNA is a passion for helping clinicians focus on their patients by enhancing their productivity through intuitive software solutions and world-class training and support.
Over 3000 clinics rely on MacPractice to help manage their practice so that they can focus on their patients.


April 29, 2019
XLDent - Dental Practice Management Software

XLDent is dedicated to providing software solutions that focus on the success of its clients and enhancing the standard of patient care for improved patient outcomes.
XLDent is committed to the continual development of electronic dental health records, mobile solutions and Internet-based options in the current development environment with emphasis on proven technologies. Over 1000 clinics rely on XLDent’s solutions and expertise daily to help care for their patients.