February 13, 2023
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Kivuto has been transforming the way schools distribute digital resources to students and faculty for over 20 years. Today, Kivuto streamlines the management and delivery of academic software, eTextbooks, cloud licenses, and all other types of digital resources for educational institutions.


May 4, 2021
ScholarChip - Identity management visitor management school safety

ScholarChip provides integrated solutions to help schools holistically solve their biggest challenges and succeed. Their ScholarChip platform includes Behavior Management, Identification, Secure Door Access, Attendance, Visitor Management and Cafeteria Point-of-Sale solutions.

SARS Software

December 17, 2018
SARS Software Products - Higher Education Software

SARS Software Products, Inc. is an established database software applications developer offering one-stop software solutions for the higher education market. SARS works closely with colleges and universities to ensure that our applications are meeting their needs.