Video Stream Networks Software

July 4, 2023

Founded in 1990, VSN is an end-to-end software solution for the broadcast industry helping customers better manage and automate the entire media lifecycle, from planning to delivery and archive. VSN is headquartered in Barcelona, Spain.

Woody Technologies SAS

July 14, 2022
Woody Technologies SAS Media & Broadcast workflow software optimization

Woody Technologies was founded in 2013 in Paris, France, by broadcast engineers and video developers with extensive industry experience. It aims to solve specific workflow challenges encountered by media industry players and provide solutions that address these specific challenges. Woody offers an advanced, intuitive, and easy-to-use modular solution (IN2IT) for ingesting, indexing, and exchanging media content that has allowed it to establish commercial activity in more than 30 countries.

M&I Broadcast Services

May 12, 2022
M&I Broadcast Services - Radio Automation and Newsroom Software

M&I Broadcast Services makes appealing, mission-critical software for the broadcasting industry. With OmniPlayer they have set a new standard in radio automation and playout software. Most regional and nationwide stations in the Netherlands use OmniPlayer to create, manage, edit, play out and broadcast their content, news, and music flawlessly. With Nimbus Newsroom, they’ve created software that will let creators, journalists and editors make, edit, and bring news anytime, anywhere and from any device. M&I software is trusted by prominent European media companies such as RTL, DPG Media, Radio Italia and Talpa.