Our mission is to grow our businesses for the long-term rather than meeting short term return expectations through benchmarking the current state of the business, and implementing structural changes based on "best practices" observed in the industry and our existing units.

How we operate

1 Acquisition Prospects

Valsoft looks to acquire, build and manage exceptional vertical market software companies. Our strategy is to buy and hold forever, for that reason we invest in businesses with an established reputation, a strong market positioning and the ability to thrive and grow moving forward. We are engaged in pursuing the owner’s legacy and operate businesses in accordance to their respective values and history, as we understand and identify the things that make a company great in the first place.

2 Operating Philosophy

Valsoft does not take over the day-to day management of the companies. We are structured to operate business units using a decentralized management approach. This is an important pillar at the core of our values.

We will continue to rely on key managers and employees to run our businesses. Each business unit will benefit from our financial support, best shared practices and experience. A business plan is constructed between us and managers through a collaborative effort. Managers will be responsible and accountable for the performance of the company. With Strategic mentorship on establishing values and capital allocation,the management and employees will be given the opportunity to participate in the upside of the business, through profit sharing, promotions or other types of compensation mechanisms. One must be willing to embrace change as we want to encourage our managers to take initiatives, keep trying new things and make mistakes. We strongly believe that is how entrepreneurs will learn and businesses will flourish.

3 Flexible and Friendly Buyer

Valsoft is an entrepreneurial company. We have the flexibility and ability to structure deals that benefit both parties. We can make acquisitions without using debt or other instruments, while accommodating sellers in ways that most other buyers cannot.

We have always been able to find a win-win scenario for both parties. Our reputation is extremely important, as we are a young company with a long term vision. You are encouraged to request referrals and get in touch with past sellers. We want you to know we do business with integrity and honesty.

4 Buy and Hold Forever

We are different than other buyers. We have a very long term horizon and we are not looking to “flip” companies after a few years of ownership. One of the main pillars of our operating philosophy is to keep all the companies we acquire. Under any scenario, an acquired company will remain under Valsoft's umbrella in perpetuity.

The goal is to acquire strong players in respective verticals. In doing so, we know we invest in companies that will most likely resist the test of time. We are setting our foundations under the premise that we will still be acquiring and managing software companies for the next 40 years.

5 Owners' Involvements

Whether selling for a reason of health, estate planning, liquidity or desire to work on different projects, we usually expect some level of involvement during the transition period (3 to 6 Months). Owners are an integral part of the business and cannot be easily replaced. Some might desire to exit right away while some will want to stay involved for an extended period of time. Valsoft is flexible and will work to accommodate owners requests.

Thinking of selling?