Leadership Team

Meet the leadership team behind Valsoft.

The Valsoft Leadership Team

Valsoft Corporation is headquartered in Canada. We realize our people are our greatest assets and we strive to provide our teams with a fantastic working environment and enriching careers, which we know will ultimately translate into world class service to our valued clients.

Sam Youssef, founder and CEO of Valsoft

Message from our CEO

We think the best outcomes in business come from having an obsessive behavior towards making sure your customers are absolutely thrilled when dealing with your company. Your customers will become your sales people and they will stay with you. This has been our formula, plain and simple. If you have a business that has achieved that, we’d like you to consider making Valsoft the permanent home for your business. We promise to build upon your legacy.

Sam Youssef, founder and CEO of Valsoft

Stephane Manos

Vice President and Head of M&A

Gaurav Goyal

CEO, Industrial and Transportation

Mohan Plakkot

Chief Strategist

Philippe Desjardins

Head of M&A Travel and Leisure

Joe Farruggia

Joe Farruggia

Head of M&A, Industrial & Transportation

Mitch Bourassa

Associate Mergers & Acquisitions

Antonio Amormino

Antonio Amormino

Senior Associate Mergers & Acquisitions

David Felicissimo

General Counsel

Michael Assi

CEO Travel and Leisure, President InnQuest Software

Cam Collins

President DockMaster, Inc.

Ted Chumas

CEO Creative Information Systems

John Jones

Managing Director of Welcome Systems

Lindsay Sanford

Lindsay Sanford

Human Resource Manager

Vishal Sharma

Vishal Sharma

Head of Finance and Accounting

Michael Sobadjian

Senior Manager Accounting & Finance

Stoyan Nikolov

Stoyan Nikolov

Lead Web Developer

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