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How Does Valsoft Work and Why Did Valsoft Contact Me?

Valsoft's focus is to acquire and grow vertical software businesses that provide mission-critical solutions in their respective niche or market. Our goal is to provide great software and related technology services to an ever-expanding consumer base.

When we acquire companies, we do not take over the day-to-day management; instead, we work with the existing management and employees. We help establish benchmarks against other businesses within Valsoft, provide coaching and formal management training, capital allocation processes, and other programs to improve earnings and generate organic growth. For vendors who desire a complete exit and to move on completely, Valsoft offers a permanent home for these businesses.

If you have been contacted by us, your business came up through one of our proprietary screens. We analyze key vertical markets by researching who customers use. We then rank companies based on the following: a) how mission critical is the software to the functioning of your customers businesses, b) reputation of the business, c) size of the team, d) attrition of the business and e) organic recurring revenue growth.

Being Acquired

Finding, acquiring & growing great companies

The businesses we acquire are a lifetime of work. The businesses usually share the following traits:

• Management is outstanding
• Company is profitable
• Company has above average growth

Whether they are selling for reasons of health, estate planning or a burgeoning interest elsewhere, vendors share one other trait: The desire to have their businesses continue to operate in accordance with the history and values that made them Exceptional in the first place.

We offer companies a succession plan. We believe our approach is different and bring value to the organization.

  • The Financial backing of a large company
  • Our sales and marketing expertise
  • Our managers are available to you, they act as coaches to help better processes
  • Our technology expertise and managing websites that have 100's of millions of monthly visits
  • Our Initial Process is very easy and simple and we understand time is valuable and important for all parties.

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